Friday, April 20, 2012

Homemade Character Sheets

If you've been playing D&D since before the advent of a digital character builder, then making a character sheet from scratch is probably nothing new to you. Published games often came with a limited number of pre-printed liscenced character sheets, necesitating the use of some loose paper.

Still, even now when building a Type IV D&D character is just a few mouse clicks away, many still prefer to make their own character sheets from scratch. Being able to scribble in details, notes, personal flourishes onto one's character sheet is the core of what makes D&D such a DIY game. Even if you use a printed, liscenced character sheet, after a series of game sessions it will no doubt be covered in notes and doodles.

I've often lamented that fourth edition D&D wastes a lot of paper with its current character sheet format (5-6 pages!), and the game seems to necessitate making your own sheets from scratch just in an effort to conserve paper.

Here's a collection of some of the best that the internet had to offer at the time of this post's writing:

A bunch of these are my own, others are sheets from I Hit It With My Axe, the rest cropped up from a Google image search.

If you have any homemade character sheets, provide some links in comments.


  1. I'm 22 years old.... and 1 week go one of my friends said 'I think I'm going to play D&D... Do you want to come?'
    Now I'm extremely exited and I even made this PDF (basically copy and crop) for our character sheets.... Don't even know if it will work for us but lets see!!!

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